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Classic TOMM Week 7

This is a Keep Me Company session for a room of your choice. If you would like a more prescriptive session then please use: 

On Wednesdays, we clean the hallway. 

Need to get the bathroom whipped into shape? This clean is for you. 

Let's get #cleansheettuesday started!

Want the classic TOMM structure to help you clean your living room in just 30 minutes? This clean is for you! 

Thursday means that the kitchen is going to get it 💪 Hit play on your guided session and in 30 mins your kitchen will be looking ✨*chef's kiss* ✨

Welcome to Monday on TOMM - it's time to clean the living room! 

This session will run you through a classic kitchen day on TOMM. 

On Thursdays we clean the kitchen!

Welcome back to the classic TOMM series. Ready to rock the housework for your penultimate week? 

Fancy giving your bedrooms the Classic TOMM treatment? This clean is for you. 

Hey there! Ready to get those bedrooms looking ship shape? This Classic TOMM session is for you. 

This session is perfect if you are looking for a classic TOMM hallway clean for when your motivation is waning. 

Are you ready for hallway day? 

This session is for you if you like to swap your level 1 bathroom jobs for kitchen daily jobs and have a dedicated day in the week to clean your bathroom!

☔️On Wednesdays we clean the hallway☔️ & there is a guided session ready and waiting to motivate you - all you need to do is hit play! 😍

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