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Friday Focus

Want a guided cleaning session to finish the TOMM cycle off strong? You're in the right place 

What's this? A bedroom that needs a deep clean? We've got you covered! 

Has your bathroom been neglected? Does it need some love? This session is for you

Let's bring the house working week to a close! We are in the living room today for our Friday Focus.

Let's finish week 5 strong!

WELL DONE TEAM!!!!!!!!!! You have made it to the final session! 

30 min clean in a room of your choice (which is perfect for wk 7 of TOMM)

Are you in the mood to give the kitchen a deep clean whilst also pretending you are in a club. This is the session for you. 

In the mood to go a level deeper in the living room? This session is for you

Let's finish this week strong! Back in the kitchen and going one level deeper, to give it a deep down clean.

Let's bring this baby home! 

👀Have the kids' rooms taken a battering over the Summer⛱️? This session is for you! An emergency kid's room guided session is locked and loaded ready for you to hit play. 🎧🔥🔥

​​Need to go one level deeper in the hall? This session is for you! 

Is your kid's room messy? Does it need a good fumigation/clean/declutter? This session is for you. 

The final episode for week 1 of the classic TOMM collection. Today we are going one level deep in the kids' rooms with a Friday Focus. 

Ready for this? Final clean of week 4

This is a Keep Me Company session for a room of your choice.

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