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Want a short session to help calm the mind and put the laundry away? This one is for you. 

It is time to pay some attention to your pet's bedding and bowls! 

Is that mountain of laundry piling up? This beat-the-clock session is for you. This 15-minute session is designed to help you get as much laundry done as you can in the time. 

Need to do some laundry but want a chilled-out vibe? This session is for you. 

By popular demand! Let me keep you company whilst you tackle some of the laundry. 

15 mins | This is a keep me company session to help you get through the monotony of the laundry. 

Want a short sharp session to attack the piles of laundry? This session is for you. 

This is a keep me company session, Gemma will keep you company while you tackle the ironing pile for 20 minutes.

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