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This session is perfect if you fancy a bit of a potter about whilst you get some seasonal jobs ticked off your list. chores ticked off the list? This session is for you. 

Decluttering is DONE 💪 so let's start cleaning! Day 3 is a deep kitchen clean and this is your cleaning to-do list:

Today we tackle the bedroom, please note that this does not include a sheet change.

🌟Welcome to day 1 The Spring Clean Challenge 2024🌟
Today we are starting off with a declutter of the downstairs of your home.  

Day 4 of The Spring Clean Challenge and today it is the bathroom's turn!

1 hour | Spring Clean Challenge Day 7 Hallway

You made it to the final day of The Spring Clean Challenge! Let's finish this off strong in the hallway

Well done for getting through day 1 - We are still in declutter mode but this time we are upstairs. Let's GO! 

It is day FIVE of the Spring Clean Challenge. Today the living room gets some TLC

Ready to roll the dice and see what's in store for today? This session is split into three ten minute sections. Each section will be a different cleaning task.

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