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Has your bathroom been neglected? Does it need some love? This session is for you

Need to clean the bathroom but only have 5 mins? This clean is for you.

Need to get the bathroom whipped into shape? This clean is for you. 

This session is for you if you like to swap your level 1 bathroom jobs for kitchen daily jobs and have a dedicated day in the week to clean your bathroom!

Ready for the final day of the Messy House Bootcamp Challenge? Today we are in the bathroom.

Need to whip the bathroom into shape FAST? This session is for you. 

Got a new baby and need to shoehorn in some cleaning? This bathroom clean is for you.

Want to spend a little more time in the bathroom to concentrate on the things that you sometimes miss? This clean is for you!

Bathroom getting you down? Need to bring back under control fast? This clean is for you. 

Does your bathroom need a clean but you're short on time? This session is for you. 

Want a quick bathroom clean. This session is for you. 

Need to get that bathroom bootcamped? This session is for you.

Ready for this? Final clean of week 4

20 mins | Feel like the bathroom could do with some attention? This session is for you! 

What's the one room a guest will always use? Yup the downstairs loo! Better get cleaning then

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