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Welcome to the vault

I'm Gemma (you might know me better as The Organised Mum), join me for my guided cleaning sessions, all set to music. Just tune in, and let me be your personal trainer ... for housework.  Only £3.00 + VAT per month (please note this is charged on joining and monthly on the same date thereafter).

If you've well and truly caught the Rock the Housework bug and want to know more about the work that I do please click here.

Ready to start Rocking the Housework with me? See you in the vault!

Clean sheet bedroom boogie

New guided cleans locked and loaded.... 

See what everyone is talking about!!

Click on the links below to access your FREE guided cleans


Ok, I wasn't sure, but I've used several of them now and I'm absolutely sold.  Best pocket change I have spent in months

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