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Guided Cleaning Sessions

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Rock the House Work

has had a refresh!

We’ve listened to your feedback, taken a leaf out of our own book and got organised! TOM Rocks (formerly Rock The Housework) is now easily accessed by signing up via our app!  For those of you who want to stay with Patreon that’s ok too...we’ll still drop 2 new cleans a week there.

Plus you’ll get a bonus 7 DAY FREE TRIAL to test it out!

The app has a one off fee of £5.99

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Welcome to Rock the Housework

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I'm Gemma (you might know me better as The Organised Mum), join me for my guided cleaning sessions, all set to music.  Just tune in and let me be your personal trainer ...

for housework.

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Do you?

Feel like you're drowning in housework?

Spend countless hours (that you don't have) cleaning the house?

Find it hard to motivate yourself to clean?

Crave some real-time guidance to get you back on track?


wasting time

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rocking the housework!

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These after-dinner cleans are

my absolute favourite! So calm, and honestly it doesn't even feel like cleaning.  Adore having my kitchen reset and ready for the

next day. Thanks Gemma.

OK, I wasn't sure, but I've

used several of them now

and I'm absolutely sold. Best pocket change I have spent in months.

My goodness, my living room has never been so clean.  It feels so good!


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It's fun!!

Clean according to your mood - need a calm clean? No problem. Only got 15 minutes? We've got you covered!

Keeps you focused, no more faffing!

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You are busy, tired and struggle to find the oomph to get the housework done.

You want a way to get the cleaning done fast, so you can get on with your day.

You seem to spend all of your time cleaning but have little to show for your efforts.


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Billing / Subscription Enquiries

For all billing / subscription enquiries please contact Patreon 

Got a Request?

Got a Request? Email us on


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! If for any reason you don't want to remain a member of the rock the housework then you can cancel.

What is a guided clean?

The guided cleans are audio sessions set to music that guide you through a clean in a room or area of your home. If you would like to try and of the cleans for free then we have a 7-day free trial.

Is it the same as The Organised Mum Method?

If you love TOMM then the great news is that there are classic TOMM sessions in the vault.

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